Many Things to Do and Try on Your Travel to Sorrento in Italy

Sorrento is a beautiful city famous for its ice-cold limoncellos, waxy lemons, huge trees, patio seats, etc., to soak up the sun.

Located just across the Sorrentine Peninsula and Naples Bay, this place is considered one of the many cities that are known to be straight out of a fairytale book.

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When in Sorrento, you can try a few things and visit some places. Some are listed below.

Check Old Town

Also known as the historic centre, this is a place that you cannot miss visiting when in Sorrento. The city is full of life, and you will require at least a day to enjoy this place.

Visit the Cathedral of Sorrento

This cathedral is famous for many things, including its clock tower. It is located right at the heart of Sorrento near Corso Italia. Visit the cathedral when there is a mass to experience the best time.

Piazza Tasso

This place is known for its intricate archways, yellow buildings, quaint cafes, and old statues. You can find a blend of both the locals and the tourists here, and the place will be buzzing throughout the day with people. You can take your seat, order a limoncello, and enjoy the view of the day that goes by before you.


Check Herculaneum or Pompeii

Thirty minutes from Sorrento in a circumvesuvian train can get you to Pompeii or Herculaneum. This archaeological site can stir up the historian in you.

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Visit Amalfi Coast

This famous coastline in Italy stretches to the Sorrentine Peninsula. This coastline is about 50 km and is famous for its crystal-clear water, sheer cliffs, and beautifully coloured houses. The location offers a wonderful backdrop for all your photos.

Try Limonoro

This famous drink in Sorrento is prepared with 32% alcohol. In Limonoro, you can enjoy this drink and learn about its origin, the varieties, and the process involved in the preparation.

Check the Church in San Francesco

Sorrentino has some churches and architecture that date back to the 14th century. One such church is dedicated to Saint Francis. You can visit the classical concerts held in August and September when in Sorrentino.

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