The Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket – Your doorway to fun 

Yes, you read it right. The Elephant jungle Sanctuary in Phuket is definitely your doorway to the ultimate fun in Phuket. With total area monitoring by the well-experienced tour guides, we can explore nature as well as elephants. Here the elephants behave as you watch in the forest the giant elephants will play in the mud like a child which is an eye feast to the visitors, you can feed them veggies, and fruits and may play with them. They never tie or make boundaries to the elephants they live there very happily they live happily they deserve all happiness. And they provide everything to them in the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket with a more different and joyful experience. You may also learn and know about more how the vet care will take care of the elephant’s health. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come, and Enjoy Here without any limit to your fun  

And when your Appetite is worked up more 

They also provide delicious Thai food they have cooking sessions and lunch. At that time you can enjoy the food eating Thailand’s food is more like heaven it has a wonderful taste. In every corner and every area forest is filled with well-experienced guides who will clarify all our doubts. You can meet and greet the elephants it was an exciting elephant’s forest and also a nature walk gives your lifetime experiences. Observing the elephants playing in the mud feeding them giving them baths all these the best moments in our lives will happen in only Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. The elephants are so well trained and the forest is also designed in a great way it will give you the best experience in life. These elephants are well trained and also they will be focused under the guiders. They will keep an eye on the elephants in our safe, overall this is the best place to visit in a lifetime. Visit the place and make a memorable and meaningful day in your life by visiting the place. This place will look like heaven. This private tour will start with feeding and a meeting this is the first step of the tour. After that guides will monitor and explain everything in every footstep. We can just walk around the forest and explore the greenery with the bird’s sounds and water splashes. 



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