Everything To Know About Miramar – Things to Do, Where to Stay and Places To Dine 

Miramar is one of the many destinations with a beach that boasts of sugar-white sand, a long-stretched view of turquoise water, and beautiful ways to spend time with your dear ones. This beach destination is ideal for lounging under the sunlight and going on a parasailing adventure. 

The beauty of visiting a beach in Miramar is that you can enjoy everything in one place. If you prefer to relax and let nature do its magic, you can get a beach chair and lay under the sun here. Some visitors are adventure enthusiasts, and if you are one then you can go on a parasailing trip, kayaking, snorkeling, underwater diving, fishing, and many more when here. 

When planning a trip to Miramar Beachyou must book the best accommodation facility here. The vacation rentals are ideal for you, and the Destin Florida webpage can be your guide. They have a list of all the suitable vacation rentals for your requirements, and you can book for the required days. Check the webpage to know more. 


After a day or two on the beach, you take time away from the water to enjoy a dry adventure. This is when the surrounding shopping outlets can be your helping aid. You can find the outlets of all brand names such as Tory Burch, Nike, Kate Spade, Banana Republic, and so on here and shop till you feel like you need no more. 

Bringing souvenirs from Miramar to your dear ones is something that you should never forget. The adjacent shops to the brand outlets can help you find gifts for your dear ones back home. Browse through the things and choose whatever you want at an affordable price. 

Delicious Food and Dishes 

Miramar is where you can find many delicious food items that taste like never before. The beach shores are lined with various shops, including pizzerias, burger joints, etc. You can find everything that your taste buds crave for. Here are some choices for you to select while planning to dine out. 

Mama Clemenza’s – If you are craving Italian food, you are at the right place. Besides Italian, you can even find the combination of European-style dishes here. Be it pasta, pizza, or something else, you have it all here. 

Pizzas and Legendary Wings of Buffalo Jack – Buffalo Jack is the place that has the best pizzas and wings for you. If you prefer a relaxing night in a bar and grill, it is the right choice. While here, you must catch their legendary pizza. 

Bijoux – Bijoux is where you can get the best seafood dishes in Miramar. All the dishes served here are prepared from local catches. You can taste the recipes made with shrimp, mahi-mahi, grouper, etc. 

Jackacuda’s Sushi and Seafood – Seafood and Sushi are a combination that is also known as a fusion favorite. You will find all the dishes here: Sushi, seafood, or a combination of both. 

Surf Hut  – Surf Hut, as the name says, is where you can find cocktails made from frozen fruits, juicy shrimp, oysters, fresh seafood, tacos, and many other delicious food choices. Some prefer exploring Miramar on foot, while others enjoy riding bikes. You can choose any way to explore the city. While on the spree, you must remember to enjoy dining and a theatre show at Ovation Dining Club. 

Some of the visitors are sports enthusiasts. Check out the Tennis Resort and Hidden Dunes Beach here if you enjoy playing tennis. After a tiring day, you can explore the dining destinations to relish delectable dishes exclusive to Miramar. 

Pet Facilities 

Some visitors love to take their pets with them on a vacation in Miramar. The vacation destination has a policy of allowing the pets with the visitors, but the pets should always be on the leash. While walking along the beach shores, you can take your dog on a leash to explore the area to the fullest. You can even bring your pets while exploring the beauty of this mesmerizing place.

The History 

Historical enthusiasts will be fascinated to learn about the historical significance of the accommodation facilities in Miramar. A look through the historical pages of the beach destination reveals that a family, Emmeline, and Josiah Doulton, purchased an oceanfront property in Miramar and converted it into cottages for their friends to stay when they visited them in 1876. 

In 1889, these cottages were converted into accommodation facilities to let visitors to Miramar enjoy a memorable stay for as many days as needed.  As the demand increased, these cottages were updated according to the latest trends in the town. Later, these cottages were converted to vacation rentals with the required facilities and are available for rent. 

Best Vacation Accommodation 

While planning for a vacation in Miramar and looking for everything to do in Destin, Florida, you cannot forget to pre-book the best vacation rentals for your stay with your dear ones. You have many options here and can make the best choice out of the available selection. 

Here are some tips to follow while finalizing a vacation rental for your stay in Miramar. 

  • Location – It is essential to understand the commuting options when looking for a place to stay in Miramar. A vacation rental with easy access to everything at a walkable distance is suggested. 
  • Cost – Going on a vacation comes with a strict budget. Apart from all the enjoyment you have planned for your dear ones, you should save some money for accommodation. Find the right option that fits within your budget. 
  • Amenities – You can choose from a simple vacation rental to one with added amenities such as a laundry room, swimming pool, extra space in the backyard for the kids to enjoy, and so on. 

Now that you know about Miramar and its beach destination, you can plan the best vacation for your dear ones, as you know where to stay, what to do, where to dine, and things to enjoy here. Please review the available options and plan your best and most memorable holiday. 

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